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Yale Gynecologic Pathology

Yale Gynecological Pathology is an established national and international domain of clinical and academic excellence in the recent decade. With a world-class faculty, Yale gynecological pathology program is highly dynamic with extensive engagements in clinical patientcare, translational research, and training of next-generation pathologists. As an integral component of Yale precision medicine, we emphasize diagnostic tissue evaluation, biomarker exploration, and understanding the pathogenesis of both common and rare gynecological cancers. Yale expert pathologists are authoritative writers in the field of gynecological pathology and are editorial board member/chapter contributors to the recent editions of WHO Tumor Classifications of Female Genital Organs.

Clinical Service

Yale Gynecologic Pathology Service is a fundamental component in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases of female genital tract at Yale-New Haven Hospital and Smilow Cancer Hospital. Our service encounters a high volume of complex neoplastic and non-neoplastic specimens from Yale Gynecologic Oncology Service and biopsy specimens from many outpatient clinics in the greater New Haven area. We also encounter many specimens from patients who are referred to Smilow Cancer Hospital for further treatment options. Our pathologists are subspecialty-trained and highly experienced with a passion for patient care. Senior faculty members are pioneers in the clinical validation and applications of biomarkers for the diagnosis and therapeutic guidance of endometrial cancers and gestational trophoblastic disease and offer consultation services to pathologists throughout the United States.

Beyond routine tissue diagnosis, team members are actively engaged in real-time clinical decision-making processes including daily intraoperative frozen section consultation and weekly gynecologic tumor board conferences. Currently, faculty members function as center pathologists in the study design, patient selection, and biomarker evaluations for numerous clinical trial programs, many of which are multi-institutional efforts in search for novel targeted therapies for patients with gynecological cancers.

Yale Pathology Gynecological Team


Team members have broad academic interests in the pathogenesis and biomarker evaluations for neoplastic and pre-neoplastic conditions of female genital organs, particularly endometrial cancers, gestational trophoblastic disease, ovarian borderline neoplasms, uterine smooth muscle tumors and cervical epithelial malignancies. These research endeavors involve fully committed faculty as well as enthusiastic pathology trainees. In close collaboration with gynecological oncology team at Smilow Cancer Hospital, our studies of endometrial and ovarian cancers aim at identifying early cancerous lesions and validating predictive biomarkers for detection, treatment, and prognosis. Many of the projects are tailored to the long-term career goals of individual faculty members and trainees. A major investigative effort at Yale Center for the Precision Medicine of Trophoblastic Disease is currently undertaken to improve the diagnostic accuracy and pathological reporting of gestational trophoblastic disease by incorporating precision molecular genotyping and immunohistochemistry.

Education & Training

Faculty in the Gynecologic Pathology service are engaged in and lead educational efforts within:
  • Yale Medical School teaching
  • Yale Pathology resident teaching and training
  • Yale Gynecologic Oncology clinical fellow teaching and training
  • National and International training programs
  • Yale Gynecologic Pathology Fellowship — One-year program