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ThyroSure NSG Thyroid Molecular Panel

Yale Pathology Labs are pleased to offer a Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) thyroid molecular panel, the ThyroSure NGS panel, to analyze genetic alterations and mutations in thyroid tissue or cells. Approximately 20% of fine-needle aspiration (FNA) biopsies present with unresolved cytological findings and are classified as indeterminate, and approximately 30% of indeterminant nodules will undergo molecular testing. The ThyroSure NGS Panel allows for the simultaneous sequencing of multiple genes associated with thyroid cancer and thyroid disorders to further stratify the cancer risk of indeterminant FNA specimens.

Laboratory Services

  • One-on-one consult on interesting cases, working with clinicians
  • Pathological expertise on morphological interpretation, suggesting and conducting relevant special and immunohistochemical stains and selected whole genome-based assays
  • Expert consult to autopsy with challenging cardiovascular lesions
  • Special expertise in myocardial biopsy evaluation, especially myocarditis and transplant rejection

Superior Customer Service

  • Pathologists are available for consultation and patient care discussion
  • Online access to biopsy reports using Yale Pathology RELAY web portal
  • Dedicated Physician Liaison assigned to your account to assist your practice

Clinical Liaisons

Download Information Sheet

Click here to download a PDF Information Sheet on the ThyroSure NGS Panel service at Yale Pathology Labs.