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Grant Resources

Below is a list of Pathology contacts for common grant-related tasks. If your specific need is not listed, please contact and your request will be directed to the correct office.


Support for pre-award research administration tasks including budgeting, proposal routing, obtaining university approvals, and submission of external grant proposals is provided by the YSM Pre Award Team (YPAT). Support for pre-award tasks related to the strategic development of grant proposals, including optimization of written content, is provided by the Pathology Office of Research Affairs.

Budgeting, routing, and obtaining university approval for a new grant proposal:

Email for:

  • Editing and/or writing support for a new grant proposal
  • Editing and/or writing support for a manuscript/journal article
  • IRB protocol development, modification submission, IRES IRB questions, or congruency assistance
  • Graphic design and figure editing for grant proposals and/or manuscripts
  • Bioinformatics support needs and experimental design questions
  • Assistance obtaining Biosketches, Letters of Support, and other materials from collaborators
  • Assistance providing costs for vendors, supplies, or university resources
  • Developing budget, ensuring alignment with funder guidelines
  • Other Support requests

7 days in advance of the proposal deadline:

  • The PI submits all final documents to the Pre-Award office
  • The Pre-Award office will upload and submit the proposal for routing and university approval
  • The PI must approve the IRES routing record prior to OSP approval
  • The PI is responsible for submitting non-federal proposals after OSP approval
  • OSP submits all federal proposals


Post-Award grant support is provided by the Yale School of Medicine’s centralized Integrated Business Office. Each faculty member has been assigned a portfolio analyst.

Email your assigned portfolio analyst with a copy to for:

  • Questions about new award set-up
  • Grant expenditures

Progress Report Submission SOP

Pathology Sponsored Award Progress Report (RPPR) Submission: Faculty SOP

The purpose of this SOP is to outline roles and responsibilities for efficient processing of progress reports for faculty in Pathology.

Any faculty member that has obtained federal funding is required to provide Research Affairs John Palmieri and Lorena Fonte ASST access to their eRACommons STATUS and RPPR modules to ensure compliance with NIH and Yale policies. (See supplemental instructions)

The below steps outline the procedure for progress report submissions.

  1. Pathology Research Business Office will notify PI and Research Affairs 30 days before a federal progress report is due. Notifications for non-federal progress reports will be provided by research business office as needed.
  2. PI will be responsible for all programmatic information in the progress report pertaining to sections B, C, E, F, G for NIH progress reports.
  3. Pathology Research Business Office will provide information to PI and Research Affairs (15 – 10 days prior to the due date) related to the following sections: D, G.8, G10, (H as applicable); information packet will include other support or collating sponsor forms and obtaining OSP signatures as required for non-electronic submissions.
  4. Research Affairs will populate information provided by Pathology Research Business office into Commons on behalf of the faculty. 5 days prior to the due date
  5. PI (as soon as they are able) will notify Research Affairs that all RPPR programmatic information has been entered into commons.
  6. Research Affairs will complete a final review of the RPPR to ensure all errors and warnings have been corrected, notify faculty how to submit their RPPR and when applicable create appropriate IRES record as needed. 5-2 days prior to the due date
  7. Upon approval from Faculty Affairs, the PI may submit the RPPR directly or route to Lindsey Bosak in OSP.

Please reach out with questions to any of the below contacts:

Post-Award Analyst Assignments

rev. 5.1.2023
Portfolio Analyst
Faculty Member
Liu, Yang
Zhou, Jenny
Levi, A.
Jamie Germaine and Peter Stadolnik
Jamie Germaine and Peter Stadolnik
Jamie Germaine and Peter Stadolnik
Jamie Germaine and Peter Stadolnik
Liu, Chen
Jamie Germaine and Peter Stadolnik
Jamie Germaine and Peter Stadolnik
Jamie Germaine and Peter Stadolnik
Jamie Germaine and Peter Stadolnik
Xu, Mina
Jamie Germaine and Peter Stadolnik