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Department of Pathology Clinical Observerships and Elective Rotations

Due to continued COVID-related restrictions, this program is on hold through the 2021-22 academic year. Please reach out to Rachel Lyke for additional information.

Clinical observerships and elective rotations provide training to Pathology professionals and those completing residency programs.

Visitors to the department who are not in a residency program must have a designated “sponsor” who is a current Yale Pathology faculty member who has agreed to take responsibility for organizing and coordinating the visitor’s experience in the department. The sponsor should be present (i.e., not on vacation or otherwise out of town) for the majority of the visitor’s time in the department.

Categories of Clinical Visitors/Observers

Observer: an individual looking to obtain non-credit experience or exposure to pathology; many of these individuals plan to apply subsequently for a residency position in the United States or for a pathologists’ assistant masters program

Resident Observer/Rotation: an enrollee in an ACGME accredited residency training program spending time in our department for an educational experience for which they will be claiming training credit. This could include pathology residents from another institution, or YNHH residents from other specialties.

Required Documents

  • Observer Application
  • Immunization Form
  • CV
  • Copy of Medical Degree
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Personal Statement (1-2 pages) describing your reason for wanting to complete an observership at Yale
  • Current Visa (if applicable)
  • PLA (if completing a residency elective rotation at an outside institution)


Rachel Lyke, EdD
Faculty Support Supervisor