Clinical Services

The Department of Pathology advances healthcare along the tri-partite mission of clinical diagnosis, research, and teaching. The clinical activities in the department are focused on Anatomic Pathology and its three major branches: Surgical Pathology, Cytopathology, and Autopsy Pathology. 

Each branch evaluates specimens of different types. The clinical goal of the department is to not merely put a name on a lesion but more importantly to provide the diagnostic and often prognostic and predictive information needed to properly direct the subsequent treatment of the patient. 

Faculty in the Yale Department of Pathology provide anatomic pathology services for Yale-New Haven Hospital (both the York Street and St. Raphael’s campuses), Bridgeport Hospital, the West Haven Veterans Administration, as well as dozens of community physicians through our outreach program.

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Surgical Pathology

Surgical Pathology is Yale Pathology’s most comprehensive diagnostic service, reflecting the various sub-specialties of more than forty highly qualified physicians. Our board-certified...

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The Cytopathology division of the Department of Pathology at the Yale-New Haven Hospital provides preparatory and diagnostic services for all fluid, smear and aspiration specimens.

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Molecular Diagnostics

Lymphoid neoplasms: immunoglobulin gene rearrangements, T cell receptor gene rearrangement, Bcl1 gene rearrangement, Bcl2 gene rearrangement. Solid tumors: K-ras mutational analysis...

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The Yale Autopsy Service

The Autopsy Service provides both morgue and autopsy services to all patients who pass away at Yale New Haven Hospital. The morgue is responsible for processing the paperwork for all...