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Developmental Histology Facility

Developmental Histology is a shared resource of the Yale Cancer Center & Yale Pathology Tissue Services


The mission of our Developmental Facility is to provide

  1. Timely high quality histology services to the Yale community and beyond.
  2. Access to tissue services from the Yale Pathology tissue archives.
  3. To maximize the value of the resources in the Yale Pathology Tissue Archive.
  4. To provide Tissue Microarrays to assess multiple tissue samples.


TMA Services

We provide the university community with services related to tissue microarray technologies. Services are also available for the biotech and pharmaceutical industries.

These services include:

  • Array design and construction
  • Slide distribution – Master and Test array slides
  • Technical support
  • Cell line and tissue controls provided

Histology Services

Our Histology services include:

  • Special Stains
  • Immunohistochemistry
  • IHC workup
  • Frozen sectioning