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Yale offers many wonderful benefits to its faculty. it is encouraged to understand what is available to be able to best take advantage of all that Yale has to offer.

Benefits Available to Yale Faculty

Yale offers many benefits to its faculty. Those that faculty are often looking for information about include:

Additional information can be obtained by contacting the Yale Employee Service center: Phone 203-432-5552 or

Childcare & Eldercare

Childcare benefits

The University's Work-Life and Childcare website has many resources to assist with different aspects of this. Understanding what is available can be enormously helpful. Some of the childcare benefits include:

Child-rearing leaves are possible for member of the faculty with a primary appointment at the YSM, and who are working at least half-time (percent work effort of 50% or more), who becomes a parent of a newborn child or newly adopted child under the age of six .

Eldercare benefits

A number of eldercare benefits are available for faculty.

Life Enrichment & New Haven

Yale and New Haven offers a wealth of diverse offerings including culture, community and residential areas, and services.