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Clinician-Educator Track

The Clinician-Educator track emphasizes excellence in patient care, education, and research scholarship.


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Candidates for appointment to the Clinician-Educator track will hold a MD, PhD, or equivalent and have completed appropriate postdoctoral training. From a clinical perspective, Clinician-Educator track faculty have exemplary clinical skills. They support the clinical mission of Yale School of Medicine and may be a part of an innovative program or specific service.

These faculty are clinical educators who exemplify outstanding teaching, mentoring, leadership, and/or role modeling. They may be engaged in didactics as a course director or seminar leader and are exemplary educators in small group or individual supervision.

Additionally, these faculty drive, integrate, and innovate research on projects in their areas that complement their clinical practice. Faculty often function as integral members of a collaborative team as a clinical or educational expert, but have recognized creative individual accomplishments. A wide array of scholarship is recognized, including peer-reviewed journal articles, books, chapters, reviews, guideline development, case studies, and products that are peer reviewed and disseminated, e.g. web-based curricula or educational presentations that have been disseminated and exist in a public domain beyond the period in which they were presented.

Typically, faculty on this track direct ≥50% of their effort toward clinical, educational, and administrative activities (usually 80% as an assistant professor). Complementing this, 20-50% of effort is typically allocated to research or scholarly activities that are related to clinical or educational expertise. CLINICAL VERSUS CLINICAL-EDUCATOR TRACK VIDEO

Support for salary and professional activities is expected to come predominantly from the faculty member's clinical practice, supplemented as appropriate from department funds. Individuals who will contribute to graduate education and who hold a primary or secondary appointment in a basic science or bridge department are eligible for appointment in the Graduate School.

Associate Professor


Candidates for appointment or promotion to the rank of associate professor on the Clinician-Educator track must have an outstanding record of patient care, education, and research scholarship. There is the expectation of sustained professionalism. Typically, candidates for the rank are known regionally and have emerging national reputations.

Faculty of this rank should excel as educators and research scholarship should be contributing to increased engagement in regional and national organizations. Cultivation of mentee / mentor relationships is encouraged.

Reappointment to this rank requires demonstration of continued evolving clinical, educational, and research scholarship. Promotion to professor is contingent on advancing to the metrics defined for that rank.


Terms for this rank are for up to five years and renewable without limit.

Appointments to this rank requires:

Promotion to this rank requires:

Reappointment information is summarized on a different webpage, and reappointment to this track/rank requires: