Jose Costa, MD, FACP

Professor Emeritus of Pathology

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José Costa, M.D., is Professor of Pathology and Medicine at Yale University School of Medicine. A graduate of Barcelona Medical School, Dr. Costa trained in Anatomical Pathology at Colorado University (G.B. Pierce) and Washington University (P. Lacy; L.V. Ackerman). He went on to do research as a Fogarty International Fellow (1973) in the laboratory of A.S. Rabson at NCI, were he stayed to eventually become the Anatomical Pathology Branch Chief at the Clinical Center, NIH Bethesda, MD. Elected to a Chair in Pathology at the University of Lausanne (1982), he directed between 1983 and 1993 the Institut Universitaire de Patologie, developing a program of advanced diagnostics and collaborating both with the ISREC and the Lausanne Branch of the Ludwig Institute.

Dr. Costa joined the Yale Faculty in 1993 as Vice Chairman of Pathology and from 1995 until January 2007, he also served as Deputy Director of the Yale Comprehensive Cancer Center. Since 1998 he has been a member of the NCI's Early Detection Research Network. His laboratory investigates the micro-evolutionary dynamics involved in tumor formation and tumor progression using both experimental and theoretical modeling at the systems level. This work has identified novel and promising ways to detect early cancer and ways to follow the changes in tumors under therapy. In July, 2007, he assumed the direction of the Translational Diagnostics Program and the Musculoskeletal Program in the Department of Pathology at Yale.

Dr. Costa remains an Emeritus Professor at the University of Lausanne, received the Trueta Medal for Sanitary Merit of the Catalan Government in 2002, and was elected Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of the Sciences in 2003 for his work on tumor cell heterogeneity. He has served on numerous national and international committees and Scientific Advisory Boards, and has been Editor in Chief of Pathology Research and Practice and Laboratory Investigation. He presently serves as a member of the Consulting Team for the NCI’s Early Detection Research Network and also of the Scientific Advisory Board for the National Cancer Research Institute in Madrid (Spain). He has contributed over 160 original publications to the technical literature.

Education & Training

MD University of Barcelona (1967)
Senior Staff Fellow Laboratory of Pathology, NCI
Visiting fellow Laboratory of Pathology, Fogarty International Foundation, NCI
Resident Washington Univ School of Medicine
Resident University of Colorado Medical Center
Fellow National Institute of Health
Fellow National Institute of Health


  • Colon cancer research France (2008)

    Dr. Costa is engaged in a joint study of transgenic mice developing colon cancer.

  • Liver Cancer Detection Spain (2008)

    Dr. Costa collaborates with the Liver Unit at the Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, centered on the early detection of liver cancer related to hepatitis C.

  • Tumor Biology Spain (2008)

    Dr. Costa collaborates with a colleague at Universitat Pompeu i Fabra, Barcelona. His work involves In Silico Modeling of tumor biology.

  • Oncology Spain (2007)

    Dr. Costa is a member of the Board of Directors of Institut Catala d'Oncologia and provides input in strategic planning and recruitment of senior leadership as well as facilitating the exchange of students.

  • Oncology Spain (2003)

    Dr. Costa is a member of the SAB of Centro Nacional Investigaciones Oncológicas (Madrid). In that capacity, he provides input on strategic planning and recruitment of senior leadership and facilitates exchange of students.

  • Tumor research Switzerland (2003)

    Dr. Costa is involved in a collaboration with Professor Bossman, Institut de Pathologie, Lausanne for the study of micro-diversity in tumors.

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