Hai Feng Zhang, PhD

Associate Research Scientist in Pathology

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Pathology: Min Lab

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My main interestis heart and vascular diseases caused by inflammation. Excessive/chronicinflammatory responses (e.g., TNF) and increases in reactive oxygen species(ROS) represent common pathogenic mechanism for atherosclerosis. The vascularcell that primarily limits the inflammatory and atherosclerotic process is thevascular endothelial cells (EC). Inflammation/ROS induces EC dysfunction bydisturbing normal homeostasis, relaxation and survival. These defects in ECfunction are mediated by cytokine/redox-regulated signal transduction and genetranscription. My experiments are designed to dissect signal pathways duringinflammatory responses. We have identified that AIP1 plays important roles inTNF signaling pathways in EC by interacting with ASK1,TRAF2 and RIP1. AIP1'sother functions such as tumor suppression are under investigation.

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Hai Feng Zhang, PhD
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Department of PathologyAmistad Street Building
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