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Current Residents

Yale Neurology Residents

Class of 2024
Yale Neurology Residents come from all over the US and the world, and bring a diverse set of talents and interests to their work here at Yale. While we are proud of their diversity, they do have something in common: a strong desire to excel as clinical neurologists and future leaders in the field.

Class of 2022

Safa Abdelhakim, MD

Safa has participated in curriculum reform by designing a course for fourth-year medical students to learn about high-value care and its clinical applications. She was public relations representative in the medical student senate, has been a peer advisor, and enjoys yoga, poetry, cooking, travel and running.

Undergrad: Stony Brook University

Medical School: Stony Brook University

Yee Kuang Cheng, MD

Yee Kuang has studied the use of vascular medications in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. He has worked as an academic tutor in medical school, and has had numerous volunteering activities, including work in the student-run free clinic. He enjoys table tennis, badminton and squash, and both international and Chinese chess.

Undergrad: Taylor's College (Malaysia)

Medical School: University of Miami

Gabriella Garcia, MD

Gabriella has investigated the use of virtual reality for the assessment and rehabilitation of unilateral spatial neglect following stroke. She has extensive volunteering and leadership experience, including serving as Chair of her local chapter of the LMSA, and serving on several LCME review committees. She enjoys running, hiking, biking and debate.

Undergrad: University of Pennsylvania

Medical School: Temple University

Gbambele Kone, MD

Gbambele has done research on a murine model of intracerebral hemorrhage, including the role of commensal gut microbiota on the inflammatory response following ICH. He was chapter vice-president of the SNMA at his school, has had multiple leadership roles, and tutored high school students. He enjoys basketball, squash, music and reading.

Undergrad: Cornell University

Medical School: Cornell University

Sarah Mancone, MD

Sarah has participated in a retrospective study assessing the incidence, associated outcomes, and management of neurologic adverse events associated with immune checkpoint inhibitor cancer therapy. She earned an award for extensive volunteering in Wake Forest’s student-run free clinic, where she was instrumental in developing a smoking cessation program. She is an avid reader, and collects unique and rare editions of novels.

Undergrad: Brown University

Medical School: Wake Forest University

Rita Okumu, MD

Rita developed a strong interest in Neuro-ophthalmology during residency, and will be starting a neuro-ophthalmology fellowship at Weill Cornell Medical Center in July 2022. She was awarded the 2020 Lewis Levy Award for excellence in in the annual clinical case submission. Her current research project seeks to identify variables that influence the time between stroke symptom onset and ED presentation. She also co-designed a medical student education module that highlights racial disparities in neurologic care. She is serving as one of the Education chief residents for the 2021-2022 academic year. She enjoys running, reading, and cooking Kenyan dishes for her friends.

Undergrad: Westminster College

Medical School: Chicago Medical School ad Rosalind Franklin University

Melissa Rethana, MD

Melissa has studied racial disparities in Parkinson's disease, with a specific focus on referral patterns and rates of diagnosis. She has also worked on a video library of classic and interesting neurological physical exam findings with a plan to incorporate these into the third-year medical school curriculum. She has had multiple teaching and peer advisory roles throughout medical school, and enjoys spinning, reading and exploring new places.

Undergrad: New York University

Medical School: Boston University

Shreya Shah, MD

Shreya has investigated the incidence of plexopathy, facial palsy and myasthenia following vaccination using a national database. She has been a major contributor to her school’s student-run free clinic, and worked on an intervention to improve health outcomes in school children in Newark. She enjoys hiking, baking, traveling, and true crime podcasts.

Undergrad: College of New Jersey

Medical School: Rutgers University

Shobhit Singla, MD, PhD

Shobhit studied sensory processing in awake mice using single unit extracellular recordings. He also studied transcription factor expression in mouse spinal cord interneurons. He was on the Columbia cricket team, and was co-president of the Bard Hall Players, the Columbia P&S student-run theater troupe. He has also been active in tutoring and mentorship. He enjoys soccer, cycling, cricket and music.

Undergrad: Cornell University

Medical School: Columbia University

Kevin Wilson, MD

Kevin has studied patient characteristics associated with readmission within 30 days after hospitalization for stroke. He also developed a neuroimaging curriculum for 3rd year medical students. He worked as a high school math teacher before matriculating to medical school, and continues to service his community by providing education and mentorship in several forms. He enjoys distance running and cooking.

Undergrad: Michigan

Medical School: Boston University