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Current Residents

Yale Neurology Residents

Class of 2023
Yale Neurology Residents come from all over the US and the world, and bring a diverse set of talents and interests to their work here at Yale. While we are proud of their diversity, they do have something in common: a strong desire to excel as clinical neurologists and future leaders in the field.

Class of 2021

Mary Barden, MD

Mary has worked on studies of neurological prognostication after cardiac arrest. She has also studied how regulatory signaling pathways of immune cells lead to immune system dysfunction. She is very involved in medical education, and has completed a medical education elective. Her interests include running, basketball, hiking, knitting, card-making and cartooning.

Yale for med school, Providence College for undergrad.

Anna DeForest, MD, MFA

Anna has studied the impact of a wellness curriculum for PGY-2 neurology residents, and has designed and facilitated workshops and lectures in narrative medicine and communication competency in end-of-life care. She is a short-story writer and essayist. Her recent publications cover ICU delirium, hospital communication, and medical interpretation. Before medical school she taught fiction writing and composition at Brooklyn College. Along with reading and writing, she enjoys playing ukulele and hiking with her dog.

Columbia for med school, Eugene Lang College for undergrad.

Tova Gardin, MD, MPP

Tova designed a research project to examine hippocampal subfield volumes using imaging processing software, with a specific focus on psychotic disorders. She completed an MPP at Princeton, and worked with a team that studied the implementation of the Affordable Care Act in Tennessee. She has worked as a residence counselor at a group home for women with disabilities and enjoys piano and hiking.

Harvard for med school, Stern College for undergrad.

Rahiwa Gebre, MD

Rahiwa has studied intracranial EEG patterns that correlate with alteration of awareness in patients with frontal lobe epilepsy. She has collected images for the next edition of Neurology Through Clinical Cases. She was a volunteer at the HAVEN free clinic, and was in a leadership role in the Stanford Eritrean and Ethiopian Student Association in college. She enjoys art museums, hiking and travel.

Yale for med school. Stanford for undergrad.

Bogdan Patedakis Litvninov, MD

Bogdan has studied the use of a vision substitution device that could be used by blind people for navigation. He has also investigated the anti-arrhythmic properties of progesterone in rabbit cardiomyocytes. He has lived in Russia, Ukraine and Greece, and enjoys classical and jazz piano, gymnastics, singing and drawing.

Georgetown for med school, Brown for undergrad.

Razaz Mageid, MD

Razaz has compared trabeculoplasty to ab interno trabeculotomy in patients with glaucoma. She has also studied the mGluR theory of Fragile X syndrome. She did a global health study on delays in operative and post-operative care in Sudan. She was founder and chair of the Sudanese American Young Adult Project, and had several other volunteer roles in medical school. She enjoys Zumba, painting, travel and teaching.

Tufts for med school, MIT for undergrad.

Lindsay McAlpine, MD

Lindsay is working on a study of vitamin therapy for post-concussion syndrome, and has studied the relationship between baseline visual processing scores and post-concussion symptom severity and recovery. She was an analyst in the alternative energy industry before med school, and was a member of the US national rowing team.

Jefferson for med school, Brown for undergrad.

Teng Peng Zhao, MD

Teng has studied the relationship between diabetes and hyperglycemia in patients with acute intracerebral hemorrhage, and has examined the efficacy of dietician/nutritionist consultation on pre-bariatric surgery weight loss. He was the Co-Editor of two journals, including a student-run medical journal and a medical history magazine. He enjoys long walks, reading, travel and the history of medicine.

Boston University for undergrad and med school.

John Peters, MD

John has examined the variability of JC virus antibody index values for patients on disease-modifying therapy for MS. He has also studied patterns of expression of alpha-synuclein by oligodendrocytes in pathological specimens of patients with multiple systems atrophy. He was a course preceptor for the medical education club, and enjoys basketball, running and hiking in the White Mountains.

Penn for med school, UConn for undergrad.

Amy Yu, MD

Amy has worked on the evaluation of FLAIR* MRI of parenchymal intralesional vessels for the diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. She has had numerous volunteer positions, including vice-president of the UVM chapter of the American Medical Association and co-founder of the UVM chapter of Physicians for a National Health Program. She enjoys hiking, rock climbing, running, and describes herself as an “amateur mycophile.”

University of Vermont for med school, UC Berkeley for undergrad.