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Current Residents

Yale Neurology Residents

Class of 2025
Yale Neurology Residents come from all over the US and the world, and bring a diverse set of talents and interests to their work here at Yale. While we are proud of their diversity, they do have something in common: a strong desire to excel as clinical neurologists and future leaders in the field.

Class of 2024

  • Getasha has participated in a retrospective review of patients with AMAN/AMSAN to identify potential prognostic variables that can aid in counseling patients. She has taken a leadership role in her school's student-run, free clinic, and has worked as a consultant and committee member for a scholarship and mentorship program aimed at identifying high-achieving students in impoverished schools in Orlando. She enjoys running, music, dancing, dogs, and discovering new hobbies and places.

    Undergrad: University of Central Florida

    Medical School: University of Florida

  • Max has characterized the efficacy of several muscle- and nerve-based electrodes for functional electrical stimulation, primarily in people with spinal cord injury. He deployed a novel nerve cuff electrode design in its first-in-man deployment on the proximal femoral nerves. He also implanted functional electrical stimulation systems in subjects with spinal cord injury. he has had several teaching assistant roles, and has worked in the student-run, free clinic. He has volunteered for several local Cleveland charities. He enjoys stained glass, riding and building bicycles, hiking, and photography.

    Undergrad: Princeton University

    Medical School: Case Western Reserve University

  • Christine has participated in the Osler Apprenticeship and has studied the educational impact of a dementia didactic curriculum shared between the core neurology and psychiatry clerkships. She has worked as a student preceptor for junior medical students and established a program to establish stronger ties between the School of Nursing and the School of Medicine at her institution. She also served on her med school admissions committee. She enjoys piano, writing music, playwriting, reading, hiking, and cooking.

    Undergrad: Harvard University

    Medical School: Johns Hopkins University

  • JP has analyzed microarray data using R to characterize changes in gene expression underlying conditionally reprogrammed prostate cancer cells. In med school, he was in the Literature and Medicine Track, participating in monthly book discussions at the intersection of literature, narrative studies, and medicine. He has held several teaching and mentorship roles and was an EMT prior to medical school. He is a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society. He enjoys writing, reading, hiking, workout out, and coffee.

    Undergrad: Georgetown University

    Medical School: Georgetown University

  • Dinesh's PhD work focuses on understanding the mechanisms that underlie cognitive dysfunction in multiple sclerosis, using multimodal neuroimaging techniques. He has been involved in several teaching assistant roles and has worked as a community medicine volunteer during medical school, volunteering at an orphanage for children with cognitive dysfunction. He was also academic secretary for student government in med school. He enjoys professional table tennis and piano.

    Undergrad: University of Texas at Dallas

    Medical School: Kilpauk Medical College (India)

  • Katie has worked on a records-based case series, examining risk factors associated with rare cases of Pseudomonas meningitis in adult patients. Her undergraduate thesis focused on the use of lasers in fine arts conservation. She was program assistant for the Delaware Autism Registry, student editor for her med school's annual art and literary publication, and has had several other leadership and teaching roles. She enjoys sketching, oil painting, museums, audiobooks, and cooking her grandmother's signature dishes.

    Undergrad: Duke University

    Medical School: Thomas Jefferson University

  • Lauren was the inaugural recipient of the Swigart Ethics Fellowship in medical school. She conducted a qualitative study of the impact of serial portrait photography on patient narratives in palliative medicine. She worked for a NGO to decrease harmful use of alcohol worldwide. She has been a yoga instructor and served as the VP of the wellness division of her medical student government. She is a member of the Gold Humanism Honor Society. She enjoys writing and reading literature, running, hiking, cooking, sailing, and black and white photography

    Undergrad: University of Connecticut

    Medical School: Dartmouth College

  • Milo has studied the treatment of newly diagnosed pre-diabetes in stroke and myocardial infarction recurrence. He has also studied network-level brain anatomy related to speech and language deficits in autism. He has been involved as a peer tutor at a neurology camp for high school students, "Camp Neuro." He was a leader in his med school's differential diagnosis competition student interest group. He is a member of the Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. He enjoys science fiction and fantasy reading, board games, racquetball, and making homemade ice cream.

    Undergrad: University of Arizona

    Medical School: University of Utah

  • Ishaq has investigated conflicts of interest between for-profit, serious illness, care organizations and Medicare Advantage insurers. He has also studied healthcare utilization in pediatric refugees in Durham, NC. He has worked as an academic tutor for recently resettled refugee children within Durham Public Schools and is Co-President of the Duke Graduate Muslim Students Association, among other leadership roles. He enjoys photography, videography, fishing, soccer, and pool/billiards.

    Undergrad: Washington University in St. Louis

    Medical School: Duke University

  • Kevin has researched premature termination codons and protein translation in the endogenous yeast PGK-1 gene, using S. cerevisiae as a model organism. He has also analyzed the effect of several proteins, including the Cdc family and Slfn1, as well as several pharmaceutical agents on DNA replication and repair. Prior to medical school, he worked as an EMT in the Boston area and was a member of the EMT program at MIT. He is an amateur pilot and has flown Cessna planes and other light aircraft. He enjoys Patriots football, chess and bridge, and medical dramas.

    Undergrad: Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Medical School: University of Massachusetts