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Diversity & Inclusion

About Us

The mission of the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion is to bring about department-wide cultural changes that promote a diverse and inclusive environment in which all faculty, staff, and trainees can thrive and feel valued. Through our three subcommittees, we strive to raise awareness of and eliminate racial biases within the workplace and patient care, elevate minorities to leadership positions within the Department of Neurology, and amplify minority voices, presence, and representation within the Yale and external communities.

Synapse Award

The Synapse Award recognizes the excellent work that minority groups are doing within the Department and extended Yale community to uphold the tenets of the Committee for Diversity and Inclusion.

Recipients of the Synapse Award stand out due to their self-driven initiatives that benefit our community. Initiatives can include, but are not limited to, the promotion of diversity and inclusion, as well as new community-based healthcare and related accomplishments.

We also want to highlight all others who support these efforts. Each month, we will feature the work of different members of our department: staff, faculty, and research scientists. At the end of the year, three nominees from these categories will be chosen by department members for the annual Synapse Award via majority vote.

The Synapse Awards will be bestowed each year in February, starting in 2022. Please highlight members within our department for their work and community investment by clicking on the red nomination form button on the lefthand side of the page.

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