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Lewis Levy Award

The Lewis Levy Award was established in 2003 in order to support the education and training of neurology residents in their first year (PGY-2) of training. Each year, the award is given to residents who exemplify clinical excellence, personal integrity, and dedication to advancing the care of patients with neurological disease. Since 2019, the Lewis Levy Award has been given to the winners of case competition, and winning residents present their cases before the entire department at the annual Lewis Levy Clinical Grand Rounds in June.

This award is name in honor of Lewis Levy, MD, who unselfishly devoted a major portion of his professional career to supporting resident education at Yale.

Year Resident
2003 Joseph Schindler
2004 Stephen Toenjes
2005 Christopher Ransom
2006 Haakon Nygaard
2007 Duarte Machado
2008 Athena Lolis
2009 Mary Bailey
2010 Nicholas Blondin
2011 Gioacchino Curiale
2012 David Hahn
2013 Matthew Schrag
2014 Benjamin Blond
2015 Jeffrey Dewey
2016 Rachel Beekman
2017 Bryce Buchowicz
2018 Christopher Traner
2019 Tova Gardin, Razaz Mageid
2020 Gabriella Garcia, Rita Okumu
2021 Anisha Garg, Kathryn Zuchowski
2022 Kathryn Sommers and Lauren Toft
2023 Kenia Lucey and Danielle Reynolds

Gilbert Glaser Award

The Gilbert Glaser Award is selected by the residents and is presented to the PGY-3 resident who has contributed the most to the residency team. It is named after Gilbert Glaser, MD, the founding Chair of the Department of Neurology at Yale. He is widely acknowledged as one of the founders of neurology as an independent discipline.

Year Resident
2012 Imran Quraishi
2013 Joshua Lovinger
2014 Robert Claycomb
2015 Emmanuelle Schindler
2016 Diane Chan
2017 Paul Fu
2018 Bryce Buchowicz
2019 Adeel Zubair
2020 Mary Barden
2021 Yee Kuang Chang
2022 Anisha Garg
2023 Kevin Yan

Resident of the Year Award

The Resident of the Year Award is presented to the senior (PGY-4) resident who is identified by the medical students in the neurology core clerkship as the most outstanding clinical teacher.

Year Resident
2001 Brad Herskowitz
2002 Christopher Bradley
2003 David Jaeger
2004 David Weisman
2005 Eugene Pak
2006 Joshua Steinerman
2007 Christopher Ransom
2008 Michael Phipps
2009 Daniel DiCapua
2010 Jeffrey Bigelow
2011 Babar Khokhar
2012 Kumar Narayanan
2013 Adetoun Abisogun, Hardik Amin
2014 Joshua Lovinger
2015 Daniel Brooks, Matthew Schrag
2016 Shivani Ghoshal
2017 Jeffrey Dewey
2018 Eliezer Sternberg
2019 Tara Kimbrough, Richard Lane
2020 Chris Traner
2021 Bogdan Patadakis Litvinov
2022 Kevin Wilson
2023 Aaron Bower

Attending of the Year Award

The Attending of the Year Award is selected by the residents and is presented to an attending who has demonstrated teaching excellence.

Year Resident
1993 Robert Kalb
1994 Richard Mattson, Norman Werdiger
1995 Bruce Ransom, Kenaga Sena
1996 Marco Rizzo, Lewis Levy
1997 Robert Kalb
1998 Edward Novotny
1999 Stephen Strittmatter
2000 Robert Kalb
2001 Steven Novella
2002 Daryl Story
2003 Huned Patwa
2004 Larry Brass
2005 Mahmood Eisa
2006 Joachim Baehring
2007 Joseph Schindler
2008 Joachim Baehring
2009 Andy Petroff
2010 Geoffrey Miller
2011 David Greer
2012 Darren Volpe
2013 Larry Hirsch
2014 Joseph Schindler
2015 Pue Farooque
2016 Jeremy Moeller
2017 Daniel DiCapua
2018 Emily Gilmore
2019 Adeniyi Fisayo
2020 Reshma Narula
2021 Jeffrey Dewey
2022 Sirisha Sanamandra
2023 Sara Schaefer