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Botulinum & Neurogenetics Programs

The Department of Neurology also offers programs in both Botulinum and Neurogenetics.

The Yale Botulinum Program provides diagnostic and therapeutic treatment of patients with hyperactive neurological disorders such as Cervical Dystonia, Hemifacial Spasm, Blepharospasm, Limb Dystonia, and Spasticity.
Advances in basic and clinical research in genetics are changing the understanding and practice of neurology. The Neurogenetics Clinic for adults and children older than 14 years is held once a month. All patients are seen by Dr. Anna Szekely, board-certified both in Neurology and Medical Genetics. In addition, Dr. Szekely and Dr. Margretta Seashore, Professor of Pediatrics and Genetics, hold a monthly joint Pediatric Neurogenetics Clinic for young children.