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Healthcare Management Track

The Yale Department of Neurology has established a Healthcare Management Track for residents who are interested gaining knowledge about the healthcare system and developing management skills. The goal of this track is to provide residents with the tools and knowledge they will need to become future leaders in our healthcare system.

The objectives are to:

• Recognize major components of our healthcare system

• Understand the organizational complexity of healthcare institutions

• Learn about workflow design and process improvement

• Gain exposure to healthcare finance

• Learn about billing and compliance

• Design and participate in a healthcare management project

• Produce scholarly work related to a healthcare management project

The track includes the following activities

• Regular meetings (at least quarterly) with an assigned mentor

• Participating in a healthcare management project which is developed as a scholarly work

• Attending a variety of administrative meetings across the system

• Understanding process improvement techniques (Six Sigma, lean, etc.)

• Creating workflow assessments

• Gaining a basic understanding of key software systems (Excel, Visio, etc.)

• Reading and becoming versed in healthcare management literature

A specific year-by-year plan during the residency is outlined below.


Attend 6 administrative committee meetings focusing on key components of healthcare management, including

• Governance

• Medical compliance

• Operations

• Information technology

• Network development

• Finance


• Become an active member in a standing committee (hospital, YSM or department)

• Identify and begin the design of a healthcare management project (working with your mentor)


• Attend the annual YMG Safety and Quality seminar

• Complete healthcare management project from PGY-3 year

• Prepare an abstract or presentation of healthcare management project from PGY-3 year at a regional or national meeting

• Present the results of the healthcare management project to peers and faculty at a resident noon conference or research day presentation

• Attend senior leadership meetings within the department, medical school and hospital

This track will have a core group of healthcare leaders who will serve as the primary mentors for residents interested in the healthcare management track. Residents can opt into this track at any time during the residency. Residents who successfully complete the healthcare management track will receive a Certificate in Healthcare Management from the Department of Neurology and Yale Medical Group at graduation.

Faculty Mentor