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Educational Tools

Educational Videos For Neurology Clerkship Component

Connect to our Panopto folder which contains 8 short instructional videos focusing on the fundamentals of clinical neurology.

EEG Teaching Videos

We have developed an 11-part video-based curriculum covering the basics of EEG interpretation.

Other Miscellaneous Neurology Teaching Videos

We have developed several other teaching videos for the preclinical and clinical training of both medical students and neurology residents. These videos cover a number of topics in neurology, and we add to this library on a regular basis.

Movement Modules

Our team at the Yale School of Medicine has developed an online, interactive, patient video-based curriculum in movement disorders. The curriculum is designed for neurology residents at any PGY level.

Neurology Nuts and Bolts: Constructing Your Career (Podcast)


Introduction: Clerkship Success Series