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StrokeNet: SPIRIT


In September 2013, the National Institutes of Health funded the stroke trials network named StrokeNet. The primary goal of this network is to maximize efficiencies to develop, promote, and conduct high-quality, multi-site, clinical trials on key interventions in stroke prevention, treatment, and recovery.

StrokeNet was designed to serve as the infrastructure and pipeline for exciting, new, potential treatments for patients with stroke and those at risk for stroke. The network also provides an educational platform for stroke physicians and clinical trial coordinators.


The Southern New England Partnership in Stroke Research Innovation and Treatment Network (SPIRIT) was selected as a StrokeNet regional coordinating center (RCC) in August 2018; the RCC was renewed for five years in 2023. It is a historic collaboration that is anchored by four leading academic centers: Yale School of Medicine, Warren Alpert School of Medicine at Brown University (Rhode Island Hospital), Hartford Healthcare, and Northwell Health. SPIRIT is primarily led by Kevin Sheth, MD (Yale), Karen Furie, MD, MPH (Rhode Island), Mark Alberts, MD (Hartford), and Richard Temes, MD (Northwell). The addition of Northwell Health sites to the SPIRIT network in 2020 widened the catchment area to include southern New York. Close collaboration has contributed to SPIRIT's ability to offer multiple StrokeNet trials across the sites, and brings to the StrokeNet platform a new and large patient population rich in ethnic and racial diversity. Finally, SPIRIT serves the community, trains the next generation of stroke leaders, and in doing so serves the NINDS mission of reducing the burden of stroke.


StrokeNet SPIRIT

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