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Resident Opportunities: Global Neurology

Global Health Track in Neurology

The goal of the Global Health Track is to provide a longitudinal structured didactic and clinical global health experience for Yale Neurology Residents.

Learning Objectives

  1. develop a broad-based understanding of the practice of neurology in global health settings, including domestic and foreign resource-limited settings, as well as international resource-rich settings.
  2. understand the epidemiology, presentation, approach to diagnosis and treatment of common neurological disorders in global health settings
  3. understand the cultural aspects and health systems relevant to the practice of neurology in global health settings
  4. understand the social, political, and economic forces within countries and international relations in modulating healthcare funding and delivery


In the PGY-2 year, residents would apply to be in the track and a mentor would be identified. In the PGY-3 year, the resident would take didactic courses and have one clinical experience in a global health setting. In the PGY-4 year, the resident would conduct and present scholarly work and potentially have additional clinical or research experience in a global health setting.

Specific requirements would include:

  1. Global Health Seminar (EPH 591-01)
  2. Tropical Medicine Elective (offered through the Certificate in Global Health through Yale School of Medicine) OR another acceptable Global Health Course
  3. Attend and present at a Global Neurology Lecture Series (quarterly lectures given at noon conference)
  4. Scholarly work: a manuscript prepared for journal submission. Manuscripts could take the form of a policy brief, case series, research project, or development of diagnosis or management guidelines for a global health setting.
  5. International clinical experiences:
6. Attendance and preferably presentation of work at a conference with global perspective, such as the World Federation of Neurology or the American Academy of Neurology
7. Optional: International Research Experiences



Razaz Mageid, MD


Adeel Zubair, MD


Monica Diaz, MD - Fellow in Neuro-infectious Diseases and Neuro-Immunology, University of California at San Diego