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Neuropsychology is a specialty clinical service that provides in-depth evaluations of brain functions, including memory, attention, language, problem solving, visual perception, sensory-motor skills, intelligence, and psychological functioning (e.g. depression). Neuropsychological assessments are part of the gold standard for diagnoses and staging of many neurocognitive disorders, such as dementia and epilepsy. These assessments will also help to track symptom severity, future functioning, and disease trajectories.

There may be a variety of medical reasons and neurological disorders for which a person is referred for a neuropsychological evaluation, such as memory concerns, multiple sclerosis, strokes, brain injuries, tumors, effects of chemotherapy, and as part of an epilepsy presurgical workup. These evaluations are used in conjunction with neuroimaging, various lab tests, neurological examinations, and other specialties.

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