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Yale Headache and Facial Pain Center

The Yale Headache and Facial Pain Center specializes in the treatment of headaches and facial pain in adolescents and adults. The field of headache medicine has enjoyed enormous progress in the last two decades, starting with the development of the triptan class of medications (Imitrex, and others), to the recent approval of Botox treatment for chronic headaches. At the same time, headache science has made tremendous inroads towards a full understanding of the underlying biology of headache disorders, paving the way for development of new forms of treatment, some of which are already in clinical trials.

The center provides consultation for diagnosis and management of migraine and cluster headaches, facial neuralgias (such as trigeminal or glossopharyngeal), post-traumatic headaches and facial pain, idiopathic intracranial hypertension, spontaneous CSF hypotension and other related conditions. The center also offers botulinum toxin (Botox) treatment for chronic headaches and an acute treatment unit, providing intravenous infusions for urgent care of disabling headaches, as a convenient, efficient, patient-centered and effective alternative to Emergency Department care of acute headaches.