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Yale Program for Neuroinflammation

Photo by Getty Images
The Yale Program for Neuroinflammation is a collaborative research and education hub where Yale faculty and trainees from more than 13 programs, departments, and centers will apply their medical, analytic, and clinical expertise to help the millions of people who struggle with neurologic and psychiatric illnesses that are triggered by neuroinflammation. Driven by the leadership of its Principal Investigators, the Program will propel the understanding of neuroinflammation through groundbreaking research and investigation that will lead to novel therapies in preventing and curing diseases of the brain. The Program will also foster an environment of creativity, risk-taking, and a culture of open data research sharing by hosting a regular series of seminars, symposia, and workshops in neuroinflammation, drawing on experts from Yale and beyond. A world leader in immunobiology, neuroscience, and neurology, Yale is uniquely positioned to leverage unparalleled expertise in these three disciplines, and through the Program, establishes itself as the leading force in further understanding neuroinflammation.