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Application Instructions

There is a two-step process for applying for short-term research funding.

Step One

The student must download the signature page, carefully review, and complete, then obtain signatures from their research mentor and the Department Thesis Chair.

Signature Page

Download Signature Page. Please contact OSR with any questions at or 203-785-6633.

Step Two

The student then uploads the pdf signature page, as well as provide the following information, to the application form linked below.

Listed below are the fields students will be required to complete in the on-line application form. All items in bold must be provided, in order to submit the electronic application.

  1. Applicant information
    1. Student name
    2. Student contact information
    3. Student unique identifiers (NetID, NIH eRA Commons ID, ORCID ID, if known)
  2. Previous research funding at YSM (for each award received)
    1. Year
    2. Amount
  3. Period of full-time research
    1. Funding cycle requested
    2. Current academic year
    3. Exact dates of research funding you are requesting (within pre-set cycle dates)
  4. Research protocol information (if known at the time of application. Note that this will be due within one month of funding.)
    1. HIC
    2. IACUC
    3. Research protocol exemption number
    4. Other information (ex. pending dates)
  5. Faculty sponsor’s information
    1. Name
    2. Rank
    3. Email
  6. Faculty sponsor’s department
  7. Faculty sponsor’s NIH biosketch or CV
  8. Department Thesis Chair’s name
  9. Title of research proposal
    1. Is the research proposal new?
    2. Is the research proposal a continuation of previous research?
    3. Is the research other than ‘new’ or a ‘continuation’?
    4. If ‘other,’ then please explain.
  10. Upload a completed, signed PDF of the signature page.
    1. Students must follow the naming convention: LNAME_FName_STF_Cycle(ex.Winter2023)_signaturepage.pdf
  11. Upload a PDF description of your project using the following guidelines:
    1. Description of Project: Upload a PDF not exceeding four (4) pages or 2,000 words, stating briefly the following items using exactly these headings:
      1. background of problem you will investigate.
      2. goals of the project, including hypothesis you will examine or new knowledge you will generate.
      3. the specific aims of the study.
      4. the methods you will use.
      5. address potential limitations and problems and how they will be dealt with.
      6. selected references from mentor.
      7. selected references from others.
    2. IF THE PROJECT IS A CONTINUATION OF PREVIOUS WORK, then indicate i) through vii) above, then i) and ii) below.
      1. details of specific studies/experiments completed.
      2. details on studies/experiments to be done.
    3. Students must follow the naming convention: LNAME_FName_STF_Cycle(ex.Winter2023)_ProjectDescription.pdf