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Apply to Diploma in Injury Research


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The Diploma in Injury Research is meant for health professionals (Physicians, Nurses or other Allied Health Professionals) OR an undergraduate degree in science with a current/recent employment in an injury related field.

There are two tracks that are available for the SHARP Diploma Program:
  • In-person, 6-week intense summer diploma at American University of Beirut.
  • Online, 2-semester diploma. MENA PAIR diploma trainees will also receive additional training in injury research.
To be eligible for the Diploma in Injury Research Program, a candidate must:


The deadline to apply for the in-person, 6-week track is March 31, 2024.

The deadline to apply for the online, 2-semester track is TBD.


MENA PAIR seeks to form a cohort of trainees that is rich in diversity of ethnic backgrounds, prior training, and gender representation. The program is open to those with basic science, public health, and clinical interests. Trainee selection for degree and certificate training will occur annually. The process for trainee selection is as follows:

Applicants will need to be accepted by BOTH the SHARP and MENA PAIR admissions committees.


For questions regarding AUB and your application to the Faculty of Health Sciences, please check out the FAQ section on the MENA PAIR Website and the AUB Graduate Admissions Website. For all further questions please reach out by email to