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Emergency Medicine Diversity Committee

The DEM Diversity Committee is comprised of residents and faculty dedicated to increasing representation, equality, and visibility of underrepresented minorities, LGBTQI+, and women physicians at Yale as well in the field of Emergency Medicine nationwide. We are continually evolving to reflect the values of our department and our commitment to providing quality care to patients from highly diverse backgrounds. We are also committed to improving the retention and recruitment of underrepresented minority faculty and trainees.


Dr. Isaac K. Agboola


Dr. David Yang, Dr. Shacelles Bonner, Dr. Laura Khandijian, Dr. Wendy Sun, Dr. Jenny Tsai, and Dr. Suzette Ikejiani

General Members

Dr. Caitlin Ryus, Dr. Manny Ohuabunwa, Dr. Motunrayo Mobolaji-Lawal, Dr. Alexander Janke, Dr. Ryan Buckley, Dr. Kyle Pires, Dr. Nate Dembowski, Dr. Megan Yu, Dr. Tatiyana Moylan, Dr. Francisca Nwoke, Dr. Ola Elechi, Dr. Tamanna Hossain

Faculty Mentors

Dr. Dowin Boatright & Dr. Jessica Bod