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Mentoring for Academic Development

Mentorship is a strong pillar of advancement in our department and involves cultivating a dynamic, reciprocal relationship between experienced and early-career emergency medicine physicians. This multifaceted connection encompasses both personal and professional development, as well as considerations of career and academic culture. Our primary aim is to foster mutual career advancement, benefitting both the mentor and the mentee. We accomplish this through structured mentorship, faculty development series tiered towards junior and midcareer faculty, and personalized coaching sessions.

Framework of Structured Mentorship

The objective of our mentorship program is to facilitate structured guidance that promotes fair and comprehensive career development, growth, and satisfaction for our faculty.

Promotion metrics and timeline

The University has issued new guidelines and metrics for promotion in each track.

The Faculty Development Series

The department of Emergency Medicine faculty development seminar series offers a diverse range of topics and formats to meet the varied needs of faculty members.

Topics of Importance

DEI, SWIM, Wellness, Junior Faculty Development