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Global Health


Our faculty engage in cutting edge research on diverse and emerging topics of importance in Global Health, primarily in Low- and Middle-Income Countries (LMICs). Our current research priorities include:

  • Impact of trauma and injury in LMICs
  • Emergency care systems development in LMICs
  • Controlling non-communicable diseases in East Africa
  • Developing effective palliative care in low-income countries due to reduce suffering and medical impoverishment
  • Humanitarian health and the health impacts of war and conflict

Active Research and Projects

Adaptation and testing of a novel text-based tobacco cessation and education intervention in Kenyan Emergency Department patients

National Institute for Health/National Institute on Drug Abuse

Investigators: Christine Ngaruiya, MD, MSc

To adapt and pilot a text-based tobacco cessation in Kenyan Emergency Department patients using an implementation science approach (Re-AIM and CFIR frameworks) to guide implementation and evaluation.

Cameroon, Republic of Congo, Gabon: Management of NCDs for Human Capital Development

World Bank

Investigators: Christine Ngaruiya, MD, MSc

To assess knowledge, attitudes and practices on NCDs in healthcare settings in the Republic of Congo, Cameroon and Gabon, and conduct a pilot study assessing initial efficacy of evidence-based interventions addressing NCD morbidity and mortality.

Capacity for identifying and addressing environmental/climate change impacts on NCDs in Kenya

Yale Women's Faculty Forum

Investigators: Christine Ngaruiya, MD, MSc

To assess perceptions on effects of climate change on NCDs and NCD health outcomes among key stakeholders in Kenya, with a particular focus on high-risk populations such as women.

Capacity of emergency centres across Kenya to handle NCD emergencies

National Institute of Health/National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Investigators: Christine Ngaruiya, MD, MSc and Hani Mowafi, MD, MPH

To assess capacity for NCD care in a secondary analysis of an existing national dataset of Kenyan emergency departments.

Development of a Natural language processing model among cardiovascular disease patients at the Aga Khan University Hospital-Pakistan

Yale Institute for Global Health

Investigators: Christine Ngaruiya, MD, MSc and Basmah Safdar, MD

To use NLP to assess gender differences in symptoms and in prescription of evidence-based medical therapies for patients hospitalized with acute myocardial infarction (AMI) at Aga Khan University Hospital (AKUH) in Karachi, Pakistan using a previously curated dataset of discharge summaries.


National Institute of Health

Investigators: Hani Mowafi, MD, MPH

GEOHealth-MENA program focuses on environmental and occupational health research and training. It aims at advancing the pace of scientific discovery in this field and training experts in EOH research. The program is a collaboration between the American University of Beirut, Yale University, and the University of Iowa, offering full scholarships for a PhD in Epidemiology and a Fellowship Training in Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Global Non-communicable disease Capacity Building in Lower- and middle-income countries

Yale Institute for Global Health

Investigators: Yale Network for Global Non-Communicable Diseases (NGN) - Evelyn Hsieh, MD, PhD, Nicola Hawley, PhD, Christine Ngaruiya, MD, MSc Tracy Robin, MD, SM, Jeremy Schwartz, MD

To identify capacity building and early-career faculty training needs related to NCD research among NGN partner countries and partners in order to guide actionable best practice recommendations and training/ capacity-building grant(s) as outputs.

Implementation and evaluation of REPUB, a Kenya medical student journal, and a national research capacity-building intervention

Consortium of Universities for Global Health

Investigators: Christine Ngaruiya, MD, MSc

To implement and evaluate a pilot research educational curriculum for Kenyan medical students, student journal editorial board, and launch the first publication of a student-led academic journal publication (RePUB).

Out-of-pocket health care costs and catastrophic spending among persons with terminal illness in Pakistan: a quantitative primary cohort study

Consortium of Universities for Global Health

Investigators: Aisha Khalil, MPH, MPA, Soraya Matthews, MSc, Eleanor Reid, MD, Peter May, PhD

This project seeks to quantify the health economic aspects of terminal illness in Pakistan.

Palliative Care Needs and Barriers in the Emergency Department in Kiruddu Hospital, Kampala, Uganda

Investigators: Liz Namukwaya, MD, Mhiora Leng, Eleanor Reid, MD

This project is aimed at understanding the palliative care needs and barriers amongst Emergency Department patients and providers in Kampala, Uganda.

Yale-American University of Beirut

National Institute of Health

Investigators: Hani Mowafi, MD, MPH

This NIH-supported multi-disciplinary training program between Yale University and the American University of Beirut offers a mix of short-, medium-, and long-term training to enhance injury research capacity in the region.

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