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Our faculty are committed to optimizing health care for older adults through translational research focused on healthy aging; the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of age-related health concerns; and the cost-effectiveness of various approaches to care.

Current Research and Projects

Geriatric Emergency Care Applied Research Standardization Study

National Institutes on Aging

Investigators: Ula Hwang, MD, MPH

This is a multicenter observational study of care transitions, medication safety, delirium, elder abuse, and falls in older ED patients. It will validate standardized administrative and clinical electronic health record ED visit encounter data against prospective longitudinal survey data.

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Pathways to Detection and Differentiation of Delirium and Dementia in the Emergency Department (PD4ED)

National Institute on Aging IMPACT Collaboratory

Investigators: Ula Hwang, MD, MPH, Cameron Gettel MD, MHS, Basmah Safdar, MD, James Lai, MD, MHS, MPH

This is a pilot study evaluating the feasibility of conducting a pragmatic clinical trial to embed cognitive impairment screening into routine emergency care of older ED patients and referring those identified as needing formal cognitive evaluation for outpatient assessment.

PROM-OTED & COMET tools: Patient-Reported Outcome Measure - Older adult care Transitions from the Emergency Department & Caregiver-reported Outcome Measure for Emergency care Transitions

National Institutes of Health, Alzheimer's Association, Emergency Medicine Foundation, IMPACT Collaboratory, SAEM Foundation, Yale OAIC Pepper Center

Investigators: Cameron Gettel, MD, MHS, Ula Hwang, MD, MPH, Arjun Venkatesh, MD, MBA, MHS

Development and validation of the PROM-OTED & COMET tools will allow outcome measurement of domains relevant to older adults and care partners of persons living with dementia and mild cognitive impairment.

Virtual cOaching in making Informed Choices on Elder Mistreatment Self-Disclosure (VOICES)

National Institutes of Health/National Institutes of Aging

Investigators: Fuad Abujarad, PhD, MSc

Focused on developing and testing elder mistreatment screening and identifications tools as well as a web-based patient-centered virtual multimedia interactive informed consent tool to enhance the quality of care and patient safety.

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