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Previous EMS Fellows

2000-2001: Scott D. Weir, MD – now Operational Medical Director, Fairfax County (VA) Fire & Rescue Department and Medical Team Manager, FEMA Urban Search & Rescue Task Force VA-1.

2001-2002: Bethany A. Cummings, MA DO – now Regional Medical Director, Lord Fairfax Emergency Medical Services Council, Winchester VA.

2002-2003: Michelle Perez, MD – now EMS Medical Director at Mid-State Hospital, Meriden CT.

2003-2004: Carin Van Gelder, MD – now EMS Medical Director at Windham Hospital, Windham CT.

2004-2005: Vivek Parwani, MD – served as faculty at the Section of EMS before relocating to North Carolina; recently returned to YNHH as ED Medical Director.

2005-2006: Damian MacDonald, MD – now an EMS Physician in Toronto, Ontario.

2006-2008: Alix Carter, MD - now Research Director, Emergency Health Services, Nova Scotia.

2008-2009: Derek Isenberg, MD - now EMS Medical Director at Fitzgerald Mercy EMS in Darby, PA.

2009-2011: Chris Lee, MD - completing the Yale Investigative Medicine PhD Program, in EMS research methodology.

2011-2012: Jay MacNeal, DO, MPH, NREMT-P – now EMS Medical Director, Janesville WI.

2012-2013: Marc Passo, MD, EMT-P – now an EMS physician in the Denver area.

2013-2014: Ian Medoro, MD - now the EMS Medical Director at Albuquerque Ambulance Service

2015-2016: Jesse Bohrer-Clancy, MD - now an EMS in the Portland Oregon suburbs.

2016-2017: Ryan Coughlin, MD – now on Yale's EMS faculty.

2018-2019: Aman Shah, MD - Now EMS fellowship faculty at Cooper in Camden, NJ

2019-2020: Mark Rollins, DO - Staying on at Yale

2019-2020: Kate Couturier, MD, MPH - Staying on at Yale