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Health Policy and Health Services


We have a multi-disciplinary team of investigators and implementation experts with a mission to improve the quality and value of emergency and acute care through rigorous research and training the next generation of healthcare leaders. Our work seeks to measure and expand access, effectiveness, affordability and equity in acute and emergency care.

Active Research and Projects

ACEP Emergency Quality Network (E-QUAL)


Investigators: Arjun Venkatesh,MD, MBA, MHS, Craig Rothenberg, and Rohit Sangal, MD, MBA

Project Objective: to analyze and track emergency department performance metrics nationwide, and provide annual emergency department performance metric reports for roughly 400 hospitals across the United States. Reports focus on opioid prescribing, chest pain management, avoidable imaging, stroke management, and sepsis.

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COVID-19 Video Discharge Instructions

MCIC Vermont Risk Management Funding

Investigators: Rohit Sangal, MD, MBA, Vivek Parwani, MD, Chris Chmura, and Arjun Venkatesh, MD, MBA, MHS

This project is designed to advance patient-centered knowledge translation by developing, distributing, and evaluating video discharge instructions for ED patients with a variety of conditions including COVID-19.

Diagnostic Excellence Index for Pulmonary Embolism

Gordon & Betty Moore Foundation Grant

Investigators: John Sather, MD, Arjun Venkatesh, MD, MBA, MHS, Andrew Taylor, MD, MHS, Vivek Parwani, MD, and Andrew Ulrich, MD

Our team has embarked on an initiative to develop a composite measure of diagnostic excellence for suspected pulmonary embolism in the ED setting which incorporates diagnostic accuracy, resource utilization and diagnostic yield to promote a balanced diagnostic approach that maximizes patient benefit while minimizing harm and optimizing resource utilization.

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Emergency Medicine Opioid Data Infrastructure

NIH/NIDA Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Trust Fund

Investigators: Arjun Venkatesh, MD, MBA, MHS, Andrew Taylor, MD, MHS, Kathryn Hawk, MD, MHS, and Gail D’Onofrio, MD, MS

This project seeks to build clinical data research infrastructure that will begin to enhance capacity to use electronic health record (EHR) data and patient reported outcomes measures (PROs) to conduct opioid related research in emergency departments (EDs) across the United States.

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INSPIRE: Innovative Support for Patients with SARSCOV2 Infection Registry

U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Investigators: Arjun Venkatesh, MD, MBA, MHS, Erica Spatz, MD, MHS, and Andrew Ulrich, MD

This project is assembling the largest prospective national registry to study the long-term patient reported outcomes following SARS COV-2 infection with a particular focus on characterizing long-covid.

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