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Digital Health


Our team is focused on improving patient outcomes utilizing innovative digital health technologies. We seek to empower those of marginalized and vulnerable communities through advanced and scalable digital health interventions to address health disparities. Our research has been funded by multiple grants from NIA/NIH, AHRQ, RWJF, CMS, MSU, and VA.

Active Research and Projects

AMA Transformation Initiatives in EHR Use Measurement

American Medical Association

Investigators: Ted Melnick, MD, MHS

This project focuses on overcoming implementation barriers to the core EHR use metrics, evaluation of the association between EHR use, undivided attention, patient satisfaction, and clinical productivity, and predicting and preventing physician turnover with targeted, team-based care to demonstrate the value of EHR use measurement.

EMBED: Pragmatic trial of user-centered clinical decision support to implement EMergency department-initiated BuprenorphinE for opioid use Disorder

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Investigators: Ted Melnick, MD, MHS and Gail D'Onofrio, MD, MS

EMBED proposes a pragmatic, multicenter, parallel, group-randomized trial to evaluate the effect of user-centered computerized clinical decision support on rates of ED-initiated buprenorphine and referral for ongoing medication-assisted treatment for patients with opioid use disorder.

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Health Information Technology to Prevent Abuse, Neglect, and Exploitation

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Investigators: Fuad Abujarad, PhD, MSc

Michigan State University and Yale researchers are studying the effectiveness of background checks in preventing abuse, as well as their effect on job creation in Michigan.

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Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality

Investigators: Fuad Abujarad, PhD, MSc

Dr. Fuad Abujarad developed a new mHealth tool known as Patient Center Virtual Multimedia Interactive Informed Consent (VIC) that uses virtual coaching to conduct a brief interview with patients and to complete the informed consent process.

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Virtual cOaching in making Informed Choices on Elder Mistreatment Self-Disclosure (VOICES)

National Institutes of Health/National Institutes of Aging

Investigators: Fuad Abujarad, PhD, MSc

Focused on developing and testing elder mistreatment screening and identifications tools as well as a web-based patient-centered virtual multimedia interactive informed consent tool to enhance the quality of care and patient safety.

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