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About Us

Overview and mission


The American University of Beirut (AUB) in Lebanon is partnering with Yale University, in collaboration with the University of Iowa in the US, to establish a Global Environmental and Occupational Health Research and Training Hub for the MENA region (GEOHealth MENA). The GEOHealth-MENA program is one of seven GEOHealth Hubs funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH). It is divided into two components— a U01 research award for institutions in low- and middle-Income countries (LMIC) and a U2R training award for the institutions in the United States. It focuses on environment and occupational health (EOH) research and training in the MENA/ Arab region. GEOHealth-MENA aims at advancing the pace of scientific discovery in this field and training experts in EOH research by providing a platform for short-term (workshops, courses) and long-term training (MS, PhD in Epidemiology) to health professionals in the region.

Our Mission

The mission of the GEOHealth-MENA program is to build and strengthen EOH research capacity in the context of disadvantaged populations, at AUB, sister institutions, and relevant NGOs in Lebanon and the MENA region. The project will provide eight students with the necessary skills, mentorship, and networking to launch successful careers in environmental and occupational health in the Middle East and North Africa region.

GEOHealth-MENA will advance the sceince and practice of EOH research in the region by:

  1. Providing full scholarships to 4 highly qualified and committed applicants (one from each of Egypt and Sudan, and two from Lebanon) to pursue a PhD in Epidemiology at AUB’s Faculty of Health Sciences (FHS) focusing on EOH issues.
  2. Providing full scholarships to 4 highly qualified and committed Medical Doctors (two from Lebanon and one from each of Egypt and Sudan) to pursue an MS in Epidemiology at AUB’s FHS and a fellowship in Environmental and Occupational Medicine at AUB’s Faculty of Medicine.
  3. Providing mentorship and advanced research training opportunities for the PhD and MS trainees at Yale University and the University of Iowa in the US
  4. Offering short-term training (workshops, seminars) to professionals and the community on EOH research and practice, with a focus on agricultural health and safety.

Contact Us

For questions regarding AUB and your application to the Faculty of Health Sciences, please check out the FAQ section on the AUB Graduate Admissions Website.

For all further questions please reach out by email to