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Observational Studies

Active Research and Projects

COVID EMS Non-Transport Protocol

Investigator: Kate Couturier, MD

This study reviews the safety and scope of the local implementation of the CT emergency policy allowing select stable COVID patients to remain at home after evaluation by an EMS clinician during times of surging COVID-19 cases.

Describing epidemiology and outcomes of coronary microvascular dysfunction in patients with chest pain

a Yale ED-CMD study

Institutional Award

Investigators: Basmah Safdar, MD

A prospective observational study with a bio-repository evaluating the prevalence, multi-system manifestation and clinical outcomes associated with coronary microvascular dysfunction diagnosed in the emergency department.

Investigating the relationship between catecholamines, renalase and angiotensin II in the renting angiotensin aldosterone pathway in COVID-19


National Institutes of Health/National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

Investigators: Basmah Safdar, MD, Gary Desir, MD

This is an ACTIV-3 award under the mechanistic arm of CONNECT. NHLBI’s Collaborating Network of Networks for Evaluating COVID-19 and Therapeutic Strategies (CONNECT) marries NHLBI existing clinical research networks with adaptive trial design and federal-industry partnership to oversee NIH led Accelerating COVID-19 Therapeutic Interventions and Vaccines (ACTIV) initiative.The study investigates the role of catecholamines as central to the adverse effects of COVID-19 on clinical outcomes and their modulation with angiotensin II and renalase in hospitalized patients enrolled in Angio-NECTAR.

Pre-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Resuscitation Intervention

Investigator: Dan Joseph, MD

This project employs an educational and simulation-based intervention focused on high quality “pit crew” CPR to improve survival from out-of-hospital cardiac arrest in our EMS system.

Prehospital Utilization of Naloxone in Connecticut

Investigator: Kate Couturier, MD

This study reviews the utilization of prehospital naloxone in relation to changes in state policy for prehospital naloxone administration as well as increasing contamination of illicit drug supply with high-potency opioids.

Single-Syringe Adenosine 3 phase

Investigators: Dan Joseph, MD and Alex Nelson, MD

This study evaluates the impact of a protocol change allowing for single syringe adenosine administration rather than the traditional medication push followed by saline flush and assesses its impact on patients with supra-ventricular tachycardia.

High sensitivity near patient cardiac troponin (High Note)

Comprehensive Research Associates LLC

Investigators: Basmah Safdar, MD

This is a validation trial for point-of-care high sensitivity troponin assay in the emergency department