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Beatrix: Introducing the Headshots Channel

April 06, 2023

Among the most recent enhancements to the Media Library in Beatrix is the Headshots channel.

When you are adding images to news articles, events, or other items in Beatrix, you will notice a new option, “Headshots,” on the left side of the media selection window. Using this tool, you can type the name of a Yale person, select them from the list of suggestions, and then add the image directly to your article. You may also filter images to see those of high enough resolution to use in your article.

This will save you from the need to search or upload headshots of your faculty and other members of your community who already have approved headshots on their profiles.

We have plans to remove duplicate images in the coming months to make the use of the image library more efficient for you.

Submitted by Denise Meyer on April 05, 2023