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Office for Women in Medicine and Science: "Strategies to Increase Your Publishing Success & Accelerate Your Next Promotion in Academic Medicine"

In this lecture, Dr. Julie Silver describes a unique 6-step strategy that she developed to support success in academic medicine. These steps include: (1) Leveraging Conventional Metrics; (2) Choosing Your Study Design; (3) Selecting the Journal; (4) Writing the Manuscript; (5) Responding to Reviewers; and (6) Post-Publication Dissemination. Leaders in academic medicine are faced with the daunting challenge of trying to decrease burnout symptoms in trainees and faculty while simultaneously encouraging them to be as productive as possible in order to be successfully promoted. Since publishing in medical and scientific journals is a nearly universal requirement of all tracks to the higher levels of rank promotion in academic medicine (e.g., associate professor and full professor), this lecture focuses on how to strategically approach the publishing and promotion process. Many reports have demonstrated workforce disparities in academic medicine—particularly for people who identify with racial/ethnic minority groups, women, LGBTQ+ or have a disability. Although there has been progress in rank promotion in academic medicine, which affects a host of career-enhancing opportunities and impacts financial compensation, studies show that many stubborn gaps persist--especially at the highest levels. Dr. Silver identifies key barriers and suggests solutions that will accelerate progress.She uses a strategic combination of research, advocacy, and innovation to overcome barriers. Dr. Silver describes how to identify crucial tipping points that will have far-reaching effects. Participants at any stage of their careers will be inspired and armed with new knowledge and skills to advance their careers and mentor others.

At the conclusion of this lecture, participants will be able to:

  1. Identify new studies on diversity, equity, and inclusion in academic medicine
  2. Describe a 6-step strategic approach to publishing in peer-reviewed journals
  3. Identify at least 3 publishing strategies that trainees and faculty can use right away which are aimed at supporting successful publishing and promotion while simultaneously decreasing burnout symptoms by saving time and effort
  4. List at least 3 mentoring strategies that can be employed by mentors in order to save mentees’ time and effort while enhancing their publishing success


  • Harvard Medical School

    Julie Silver, MD
    Associate Professor and Associate Chair, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation



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Dec 20221Thursday
9:00 AM11:00 AM