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F&A Helpful Reports

Here is a list of helpful Finance and Operation reports that may not be recognized as frequently used reports. These reports may require permissions to view them. Please consult with your supervisor to request access.
Report Name
Accounts ReceivableNon-Sponsored Billing Details - YaleWorkdayProvides a list of all non-sponsored customer invoices and their status based on parameters selected.
Budgeting and PlanningYBT 02-University Reports / F15 Account Balances DetailYBTProvides fund balance activity and deficit balance details at a detailed worktag level for any time period
Business AssetsFind Assets by Cost Center – YaleWorkdayProvides a list of Assets filtered by various COA segments and secured by Cost Center access.
Business ProcessBusiness Process Transactions Awaiting Action By Role – YaleWorkdayThis report enables users to access all business process steps that are awaiting by role.
Business ProcessBusiness process transactions completed-YaleWorkdayThis report provides a list of all completed business processes based on the criteria selected, and provides the business process type, reason, date initiated and completed, who initiated and approved, and days it took to complete. It also includes information regarding any steps that may have been completed by a delegate.
Clinical / YNHHYBT 04-YSM / YSM60 Clinical P&LYBTProvides a profit & loss statement with categories important to the clinical mission for any time period
COALedger Accounts with Spend/Revenue Categories – Yale reportsWorkdayProvides a list of Revenue and Spend Categories and thederived Ledger Accounts based on the Account PostingRules.
COATrend Analysis by Ledger Account – YaleWorkdayProvides a monthly trend of activity in the SOA format with ledger account level detail for twelve months based on selected parameters.
DirectoryLead Administrator and Operations Manager by Cost Center - YaleWorkdayThis report lists the Lead Administrator, Operations Manager and Senior Director by Cost Center. Filter the report results by employee by clicking on the appropriate column heading. Notes: To see the details for Cost Center Hierarchy, please run the following report “Cost Center Hierarchy Details – Yale” and click into the individual Cost Center Hierarchy item, as applicable. To see a hierarchy view of Cost Centers, please run the following report: “Cost Center in Hierarchy View - Yale”.
Financial AnalysisITS Charges on PinnaclePinnacle (hyperlink)Detailed report of ITS charges based on entered criteria
Financial AnalysisDetailed Transactions TrendPower BI/Finance Data MartThis monthly trend report provides quick access to transaction details of interest defaulted at the Ledger Account Summary with the ability to drill through to the transaction level. (from Power BI / Finance Data Mart: Finance > Interactive Reports)
GiftsGift Contributions - YaleWorkdayProvides a list of contributions and journal activity for the selected gift.
HRAcademic QA – Expired Current Appointments – YaleWorkdayThis report lists those Academic Appointees having a current appointment with an Appointment End Date in the past. Includes all Academic Affiliates and Academic Appointees (even if inactive)
HRContingent Workers with Expiring Contracts – YaleWorkdayDisplays information on contingent workers whose contracts are expiring before a selected date, including contingent worker name, position, latest contract end date, manager, supervisory organization, home organization, …
PayrollYBT 02 University -> L60 Labor Commitments vs YBTYBTModel for labor allocations by cost center
PayrollIBSWorkdayTo view IBS in Workday – go under Actions for this person in WD, then go to Compensation, then go to View Compensation Basis Details. Click OK then scroll to bottom where it will show the IBS clearly.
ProcurementExpense Item Trend – YaleWorkdayProvides expense item trend by calendar quarter based on accounting date of the expense line.
ProcurementNon PO Invoice Activity – YaleWorkdayThis report assists with the monitoring of non-PO invoice activity and recommending best practice for initiating purchases based on the spend category used.
SponsoredEffort Certification Statement Review by Worktag – YaleWorkdayProvides a list any effort reports with suspense and thereport status (combination notification and report) brokendown by Effort Certification Period and cost Center.
SponsoredSponsored Budget to Actuals with Commitments – YaleWorkdayProvides budget, actuals, commitments, obligations and a calculated balance for the awards selected. Provides cost sharing if applicable. Allows drilling from award to individual grant.

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So many helpful reports for payroll, financial analysis, gifts, budgets, and business processes. You'll look like a genius in no time!