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Analytics Center of Excellence Services & Responsibilities

The YSM Analytics Center of Excellence supports data-driven decision-making at Yale School of Medicine. We are a collaborative partnership across the Dean’s office, health sciences information services, and academic departments. Our vision is to enable the right people to have secure access to the right information with the right tools at the right time. We aim to achieve this by providing efficient and trusted data collection systems, advanced analysis, focused metrics, and effective tools to inform decisions and continuous improvement.

Common Questions

Where can I get information about faculty statistics?

We provide technical guidance about central YSM administrative data sources and reports such as Workday, AAMC benchmarks and survey reports that support Medical School accreditation and faculty appointment administration.

Can you help me transition from older software? Can you help me develop analytics for my new project?

We enable successful adoption of new Microsoft data analytics tools that replace unsupported tools (Brio Query and Oracle Business Intelligence, in particular), which predate Workday.


Contacts within YSM who can provide data and expert guidance.

Department Name Email Phone
Academic Appointee Administration and YSM Faculty Support Anna Maria Hummerstone (203) 785-5200
Health Sciences Information Services Maureen Velazquez (203) 432-2171
YSM Academic Affairs (203) 785-6567

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