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The YSM Articles Airtable

Submitting an Article:

We have created an Airtable for news articles in the pipeline that are of wide interest (e.g. Yale News, YSM news feed).

Update the Publish Status of an article:

Please follow the instructions below to change the status of an article from In Progress to Published.

Submitting an Article

Submitting an article you've written into the system is easy! By clicking on the "Submit Your Article" link, you will be redirected to a form in Airtable. This form will ask you to input some information about your article, detailed below:
  1. Title/Topic - In this field, input either the final title of your article or the general topic about which your article is written.
  2. Status - From the dropdown, input the correct status of your article from the following options:
    • In Progress: The status in progress means that your article is in draft, in the approval or review process, etc. All articles that are NOT published can be considered "In Progress".
    • Published - Select the Published status if your article has been approved and published to a live environment. Selecting the "Published" status will prompt you to enter the Publish Date and Publish URL before you can submit the form.
  3. Target Publication - Target Publication intends to capture in which publication your article is to be published. This may be Medicine@Yale, Yale Medicine Magazine, and internal newsletter, etc. This field is free text and will allow you to describe the publication in your own words.
  4. Writer/Editor - Please input your name.
  5. Affiliated Freelancer - Please input the names of the freelancer hired to complete the article, if applicable. If you do not see a freelancer you utilized in the list, please notify Jill Max via Email.
  6. Description/Notes - Enter a short description of the article you are writing.
  7. Primary Source - If applicable, input the primary source for your article (i.e. the doctor(s) with whom you spoke, etc).
  8. Publish Date - Please input the date this article will be published live.This field will only appear if the status "Published" has been selected.
  9. Published URL - Please enter the URL at which the published article can be viewed in this field. This field will only appear if the status "Published" has been selected.