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Guide Instructions, Contact & Download Full Spreadsheet

The purpose of the YSM Training Reference Guide is to help supervisors identify, locate, and track relevant training opportunities and resources applicable to several finance and post-award research administration positions, including: Financial Assistant, Portfolio Associate, Portfolio & Grant Analyst, Accountant, Portfolio Grant Manager, and Post Award Research Manager.


The YSM Training Reference Guide is divided into three categories:

  • Finance
  • Grant & Contract Administration
  • Workday Roles training opportunities and resources.
Each section is subdivided in to two groupings.
  • Group 1 outlines recommended foundational training opportunities and resources.
  • Group 2 outlines training opportunities and resources to be taken on an as needed basis.

Duplicate values in the Source, Category/Role, and Module/Resource columns indicate there are several Additional Resources referenced.

Contact Us

YSM Training Reference Guide Contact: BOOST Training Manager,

Please reach out with questions, to report any issues, and/or provide suggestions for updates.

Notes & Disclaimer

This Guide may not be all-inclusive of every training opportunity/resource that may be available or applicable to a role. The Guide includes filtering capabilities and links to existing training opportunities and resources. Please reference the Column Field definitions below.

The information contained in the referenced trainings/resources are the responsibility of the course owners. For training module/resource content-related questions listed in this Guide, please reach out directly to the course owner. If you are unsure who the course owner is, reference the training module/resource and reach out to

Note: Annual review/maintenance of the YSM Training Reference Guide will occur at the beginning of each FY. Ad hoc maintenance may be made periodically to account for substantial changes to referenced trainings, references, policies, and procedures.


The location of the training opportunity or resource (i.e. TMS, website, Workday, etc.). TMS Source indicates either an instructor led class or self-paced online training is available for the training opportunity identified in the Module/Resource column.

Category / Role

Indicates the TMS course owner, resource topic, or Workday Financials Role. Workday Role is a link to the description that outlines what the role can see or do.

Module / Resource

Name of the TMS course, training guide, or training resource.

Mandatory, Recommended, Optional Training by Position

“M=mandatory, R=recommended, O=optional” trainings relevant to the Financial Assistant, Portfolio Associate and Portfolio & Grant Analyst, Accountant, Portfolio Grant Manager, Post Award Research Manager positions. This is dependent on the individual’s roles/job duties within the department/unit and should ultimately be determined by an individual’s supervisor.

Additional Resources

Links to existing training materials to be completed or fully reviewed in conjunction with the Training Module/Resource. Duplicate values in the Source, Category/Role, and Module/Resource columns indicate there are several Associated Policies, Procedures and Additional Resources. Recommended that the Additional Resources column is reviewed in full, including links for additional reading, supplemental forms, or related policies/procedures.

Download Spreadsheet

View or download the full Training Reference spreadsheet in our Teams area.