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Financial Planning & Analysis

FP&A is responsible for YSM’s annual Budget, Q2 Forecast and Long Range Plan cycles, managing Academic Program Support commitments, GA Allocation distributions and enhancing the school’s reporting and dashboard capabilities.

Recurring Deadlines

  • Long Range Planning
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Annual budget
  • Year-end close

Financial Planning Metrics

  • Budget
  • Q2 Forecast
  • Long range plan
  • Academic Program Support
  • GA Allocations
  • RFP finance approvals
  • YBT and Data Mart reporting
  • Grant & contract reporting
  • Space productivity
  • YBT Training

Questions & How-Tos

  • How do I do my task in YBT labor and financial plans?
  • How do I get to the information I need using YBT reports?
  • How do I get to the information I need using data mart reports in Power BI?
  • Why does the department have a different APS remaining balance than the Dean’s Office?
  • How does the Basic Science GA formula work?

Recurring Deadlines

  • Q2 Forecast
  • Budget

Services & Responsibilities

  • GA Allocation models
  • Academic Program
  • Support Grant & Contract reporting
  • Ongoing financial review
  • YBT reporting
  • YBT training
  • Finance Data Mart / dashboard reporting
  • Faculty RFP approval
  • Ad hoc financial analysis