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Reporting and Analytics

The business systems planning & analysis team is committed to supporting the business analysis needs of groups that are both internal and external to the School of Medicine community. The team is also actively engaged in the development and implementation of a number of special projects.

Supporting the School of Medicine

Paramount to timely and effective budgeting and planning is having the right tools, technology, and support in place. In addition to supporting budgeting and planning processes, the reporting and analytics team manages the delivery of analytics for a variety of functional areas. This includes a school-wide annual report on fiscal year financial and operational highlights, tools and reports development to manage annual merit review cycles, and standard and ad hoc report production to support monitoring business processes and administrative oversight. The team is also involved in researching and recommending analytic tools with the aim of more efficiently creating robust analyses.

Reporting to External Entities

Integral to the School of Medicine’s ability to recruit and foster top talent among students, researchers, and physicians is building and maintaining a competitive advantage among other institutions focused on education, research, and health care. Survey data is an important tool by which the school can assess, monitor, and influence its competitive position in the marketplace.

The reporting and analytics team manages the data mining, collection, review, final preparation and submission for a number of surveys, including the annual US News & World Report survey and several American Association of Medical Colleges (AAMC) surveys throughout the year.

Managing Special Projects

The reporting and analytics team also plays a vital role in the management and implementation of projects both departmental and cross-functional. Most recently, team members are focused on the build and roll-out of a replacement budgeting and planning tool to be used by the School of Medicine and the rest of the University.

Contact Information

Rick Dwyer
Technical Lead
(203) 785-7346

Chi Nguyen
Applications Systems Specialist
(203) 737-5664

Andres Rua
Applications Systems Specialist
(203) 737-4176

Javaid Siddiqui
Applications Systems Specialist
(203) 785-3681