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Yale Network for Global Non-Communicable Diseases

Mission Statement

Founded in 2015, the Yale Network for Global Non-Communicable Diseases (NGN, pronounced “engine”) represents a transdisciplinary, on-campus collaborative that seeks to address the global crisis of non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Our work in research, education, advocacy, policy, and implementation spans cultures and communities across the world – from New Haven to Asia and the Pacific Islands, Latin America, and East Africa.

NGN faculty have successfully competed for both internal and external funding and have leveraged those awards to sponsor a diverse range of projects in the field of global NCDs. In 2016, NGN convened a symposium entitled Fostering Cross-Campus Collaboration at Yale on the Global Non-Communicable Disease Crisis—the first of its kind—which drew over 100 participants from across the University. Subsequently NGN received a 2018 Hecht Global Health Faculty Network Award for our work on self-care among patients with NCDs in rural Uganda. As thought leaders in the field, our faculty have published in a range of high impact journals, including JAMA Internal Medicine, Nature Genetics, Lancet Rheumatology, Health Affairs, and Academic Medicine. If you are interested in joining this Network, contact Evelyn Hsieh.

Faculty Network Spotlight

The world is amidst an epidemiological transition– where the global burden of diseases is shifting from infectious diseases to noncommunicable diseases. In recognizing a need to bridge the gaps in global NCD research, treatment, and capacity, the Yale Network for Global Noncommunicable Disease (Yale NGN) was established in 2016.