Organization Websites

Officially recognized School of Medicine organizations and entities, such as departments, sections, centers, and programs, must use the YSM web template and the school's web content management system.

In order to get started:

  • Identify who from your group should come to the initial meeting (it will be used to determine your navigation, content needs, and additional website details) and complete the website request form below to setup the initial meeting.

  • Identify one person from your group who will be the contact for all website building correspondence.

  • Determine the current state of your website if you have one. Will you write all new content, or edit what you have?

  • Consider what your ideal timeline for building and launching your site will be.

Template Notes

Websites built in the YSM template must be created using the YSM Content Management System, and built through the YSM Web Group. There are no other approved website building organizations for YSM, though other entities can maintain the site once it is finished.

The only websites allowed to use the YSM template are officially recognized and perpetuated YSM organizations and entities, such as departments, sections, centers, and programs.  Lab and personal faculty websites should use an alternative form of the YSM template.  See the Lab/Faculty Sites page for more information.