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Faculty Lab Sites

Like department and organization sites, lab and personal faculty websites are hosted in Tridion and have access to all the same features and functionality as a full department site.  

Lab sites cannot be used for programs, centers or organizations focused on patient care. They are intended to help individual faculty promote their research and recruit well-qualified graduate students or post doctoral fellows.  

The first 5 pages (e.g. home, research, publications, people, and contact) are free. Additional pages after the first five will be $100 per page.  

It generally takes between 2 and 4 weeks to complete the initial build of a lab website, depending upon the amount of content to be included in the site.  

For more information, please contact Justin Navarro, Operations Deputy Director.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can changes and modifications be made to this website?

There are two ways to make updates: 

  1. We will make edits for you which can be submitted via our ticketing system.
  2. We can train you or a member of your staff to make updates to the content on the site using the school's content management system and web applications.  While our CMS can be challenging, there are other tools that are much more accessible and can help you keep your site current and fresh. 

Check out the page on "Taking Ownership" for more information.

What scope of changes are possible?

There are two different parts to the design of the website: 

  1. The website template, which covers the basic design of the site including navigation layout, site title area, left column footer, colors, and 
  2. The content area on each page (center white area on the screen below the navigation bar). 

In the website template, there are many different layouts available. If you look through the "Design Examples" section of our website, most of the content templates in the main content area of the pages are also available in the lab templates (on our site they are shown in the main departmental template, but these are also available in the lab template). If you have a specific layout in mind, let us know and we can give you options.

Apart from design, any of the content on the site can be altered, including the navigation labels and structure.

Who is responsible for maintaining Hosting?

The Office of Communications' Web Services group is responsible for maintaining all of the web systems (servers, content management system, applications, etc.), the website design and functionality, and making updates to these systems. You and your staff are responsible for the content on the website.