Template 4 Launch Updates

The Office of Communications is transitioning all school of medicine websites from the current T3 templates to the new T4 templates. The process started on July 14 with a content freeze as the team copied existing websites and updated them to the T4 format. On July 17, website editors began an internal review of the new T4 websites and on August 14, the updated websites will launch publicly.

This page contains important information for website editors and owners, and will be updated frequently through the public launch. You will find upcoming events to help you with the transition, as well as checklists and links to the internally available T4 websites.

If you have a question or encounter a bug, please email ysm.editor@yale.edu; however, you can see a list of known issues before submitting a ticket. We strongly encourage website editors to attend on of the upcoming Walk-in Workshops so that our team can help you with any desired updates.