Video Production

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The Office Communications video team produces short videos about topics that support the overall goals of the Yale School of Medicine. Additionally, we support the faculty and staff with video production services as needed for YSM related matters. Our team works with external production entities who wish to film on the medical campus and/or with faculty and staff to ensure proper protocol is followed.

For information contact Senior Video Producer, Andrew Osborne, at

Forms for the YSM YouTube channel

Speaker's Permission Form

We confirm with you that the major speakers (or lecturer) in the video have signed the Yale Speaker’s Permission Form. This includes Yale faculty, students, and staff. We cannot distribute the content without this permission. We cannot post a video online till the speaker has signed this form. If the speaker has questions or concerns about the form, please alert us, and we can connect them with Yale’s Office of General Counsel (OGC). 

The speakers can return this form to your office, and you can fax a copy to our office at (203) 785-4327. If it is a scanned image, please forward the form to Michael Fitzsousa at If the speaker has already signed a permissions form for this video that is not the Yale Speaker’s Permission form, you can forward that to our office and we can review with OGC that it is acceptable. 

Download the Speaker's Permission form here: PDF 

HIPAA Permission Form (Patient Privacy)

Yale University is committed to respecting patients' and clinical research subjects’ rights to maintain the privacy of their health information and ensuring appropriate security of all protected health information. The standards for protecting patient health information are described in the federal law known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). 

Before publishing any article, photograph, video, or audio program containing a Yale patient’s protected information, we must have signed permission from the patient.

Download the HIPAA permission form here. PDF

Copyrighted Media

If a video contains copyrighted imagery (photos, clip art, graphs, etc.) or other media (videos, music tracks, etc.) we must confirm with you that Yale has permission to disseminate this content. Permission must be granted by the content originator to allow Yale to distribute the content on any and all dissemination platforms.