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The Yale School of Medicine Office of Communications is focused on sharing news and stories about Yale School of Medicine innovations in science and medicine in the areas of education, research and clinical practice. We publish inspirational stories, explorations of science and society, health articles and videos via websites, print magazines and newsletters. Our audiences include the general public, patients and physicians, as well as our alumni, faculty members, students, and staff.

Medicine@Yale, Yale Medicine Magazine, Facts & Figures and other publications appear online and, in some cases, in print form. YSM Events is delivered by email each Friday morning and YSM News is delivered by email on the last Tuesday of each month.

Our team collaborates with Yale’s Office of Public Affairs and Communications, which works directly with news media and also publishes articles about Yale School of Medicine research and other institutional news. For public relations matters, please contact OPAC: 203.432.1345. We also coordinate with communications staff in departments across the School of Medicine, as well as the School of Public Health, the School of Nursing, and Yale New Haven Health.

Content created by our team for Yale Medicine, the School of Medicine’s clinical practice, appears online at