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Access to SDL Tridion

As of September 2019, The School of Medicine Office of Communications will grant access to any School of Medicine or School of Public Health employee who meets the following required criteria:

  1. You must be a full time Yale employee (Absolutely no students, casual employees, or temporary employees are permitted access to SDL Tridion)
  2. You must be designated as a Communications Officer role in your department, section, or program.
  3. You must have experience (minimum 1 year) or education using complex content management systems (CMS) and custom web-based applications. In addition, you must pass both of our tests.
  4. You must have attended the University Accessibility training and be able to show proof of completion
  5. You must attend a Communications Officer on-boarding session with YSM Senior Communications Officer and commit to attending the Monthly Communications Officer meetings

Please contact to request access to SDL Tridion.

Gain Access to SDL Tridion

Anyone seeking access to Tridion must either watch the videos on this site or review the support pages and successfully complete two quizzes.

Additionally, no new users are granted access to Tridion until they have received the University Content Editor Accessibility Training.

Once you've completed these tasks, please contact ysm.editor@yale.eduindicating the site(s) you'll be editing so we can grant you the appropriate access.