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External People Profiles Are Now Available in Profile System

September 13, 2018
by Justin Fansler

For several years, we’ve given editors the ability to add people who are not in the Profile System to people listings on YSM websites by creating “Manual Profiles” in Tridion. This allowed editors to display collaborators from other universities, hospital employees, and other external people on their websites alongside Yale faculty and staff.

However, one downside was the confusion caused by displaying people whose information was stored in two different systems (Tridion and Profile System). The natural solution was to add external users into the Profile System itself. This functionality was launched today.

Please note that Profile System external users are completely replacing Tridion Manual Profiles, and any Manual Profile created or edited in Tridion will no longer appear on YSM websites. However, we have imported all existing Manual Profiles into the profile system as External Users and you should not see any change to the appearance of your webpages.

It is possible that we did miss some Manual Profiles, especially if they were created very recently. If you notice any discrepancies, please contact us at with a link to the page with missing profiles and we will fix the issue.

Lastly, this update changes our process for adding external users to people listings on YSM sites. If you need to add a new external person:

  • Send an email to with the first and last name(s) of the people you’d like to add.
  • Include the organization(s) to which the new users should be added (a link to the page with the listing to which you want to add people is also sufficient).
  • Our team will create the external user(s), and add them to the appropriate organization. At that point you can edit and add to their profile on just as you would for a Yale faculty or staff member.
Submitted by Justin Fansler on September 12, 2018