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November '23 Controller's Office News

November 29, 2023

Clear and Global Entry; Residual Balances Form; Clinical Trials Closures; Sales Tax on PCards; Funds Flow

Clear and Global Entry Memberships
In accordance with Policy 3301 Travel on University Business, specifically section 3301.7 Other travel Expenses Considered Personal and Not Reimbursable, memberships such as Clear and Global Entry, which have been increasingly used in airports, are not considered expenses to be reimbursed by the university.
Please contact with questions regarding other membership type expenses.

Residual Balances Form and Related Support
Form 1301 FR.01 Request to Transfer Residual Balance from Sponsored Awards has been updated to clarify the process and tasks that are required to be performed by department business offices prior to submission to the YSM Controller’s Office. While the form continues to include the process for federal (FD02), non-federal (FD28), and clinical trials (FD29) awards, clarifications were made regarding the clinical trials process and required support. Please ensure that all tasks have been completed and all support has been attached to your submission While the YSM Controller’s Office reviews the support and signs off on the form prior to submitting to Financial Systems & Solutions (FSS), it is not responsible for completing the tasks listed.

Clinical Trials Closures
The YSM Controller’s Office has resumed review of the Clinical Trials to Review for Close – Yale report and will be notifying departments of all trials with end dates prior to June 30, 2023 that appear to require inactivation in Workday. Detailed instructions will be provided in future communications.

Please contact with questions.

Sales Tax on PCards
The YSM Controller’s Office, in conjunction with the university Controller’s Office, performed an analysis of sales tax that was charged to PCard purchases and automatically paid through that process. In that, we would like to remind departments to ensure that the university’s tax-exempt certificate is on file with organization where a PCard is used in an effort not to erroneously pay sales tax on goods and services.

Funds Flow – Ledger Account Changes
In preparation for and to facilitate the new funds flow model, which will take effect in FY2025, a number of new ledger accounts have been created in Workday to be used beginning with the FY2025 budget process.

Additionally, various existing ledger accounts will be closed, effective July 1, 2024.

Yale Medicine will provide more details after the Q2 forecast process has concluded. Please contact Tara Costain ( or Eric Hsiao ( at Yale Medicine with questions in the meantime.
Submitted by Lena Smith Parker on November 29, 2023