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Finance Training Highlights

February 27, 2023

Training Reference Guide

Visit the YSM Training Reference Guide to identify, locate, and track relevant training opportunities and resources applicable to several finance and post-award research administration positions, including: Financial Assistant, Portfolio Associate, Portfolio & Grant Analyst, Accountant, Portfolio Grant Manager, and Post Award Research Manager.

Training Opportunities Calendar

The new link for the Training Opportunities Calendar is available on the recently revamped MyYSM site. Click MyYSM Financial & Operational Resourcespage and refer to “Quick Docs & Spreadsheets”.

Please ensure that you and your teams are up to date with required trainings. Additionally, if you feel as though you would like or need a refresher course on a topic for which you have already completed training some time ago, the YSM Controller’s Office encourages you to retake those training sessions, as policies, forms, contacts, etc. may have changed over time. Contact Lauren Campbell, BOOST Training Manager ( with questions.

Training Highlights

The YSM Centralized Billing Process and Accounts Receivable Reporting class will be held on March 31, 2023. This will be a great opportunity for new staff to learn all about YSM's billing process and for current staff to bring forth any questions regarding the current process within their departments.

Contact Lauren Campbell, BOOST Training Manager ( with questions.

Introduction to Chart of Accounts now offered as an online class!

Introduction to Sponsored Projects Administration (SPA) is being developed for on-demand eLearning. The last live sessions are from Jan. 30 - Feb. 2. Stay tuned to OSP News & Updates to be notified when the eLearning is available. (Estimated March 2023) – this is of immense benefit for new hires (and their hiring managers) to have the opportunity to complete SPA as an online training versus waiting until it’s offered once or so a quarter. This training is a prerequisite for Research Administration Trainings offered by OSP. Big win!

YSM BOOST Intro to YBT: Labor Planning and Intro to YBT: Financial Planning Workbook Training Modules are being offered this month (Feb. 17 and Feb 24, respectively). Contact Lauren Campbell ( for more information/registration if you have not already received the registration email.

New YSM FinOps BOOST Training Microsoft TEAMS page

YSM FinOps BOOST Training TEAMS page functions as a hub for easier access to training resources. BOOST has started utilizing this page as the primary source of YSM BOOST Training Module resources, YSM Staff Onboarding and Training 3-Day session resources, and other training resources like “NIH and Pension Salary Over the Cap Worksheets and Videos” and “Pivot Table & VLOOKUP” excel demonstration videos. If anyone would like to request access to this page, please reach out to Lauren Campbell (

Submitted by Lena Smith Parker on February 28, 2023